The following updates the text below. In the summer of 2006, my Welch ancestry was
documented back to Pennsylvania in the early 1700's, including my g-grandfather, 
John B. Welch and many generations behind him.  I am leaving the article below for 
whomever might find it interesting and WE ARE STILL INTERESTED in the descendants 
of the daughters of John B. Welch, father of John Harvey Welch.    


For many years, my Welch ancestry ended with my grandfather, John Harvey
'Uncle Bud' Welch and his brother George Washington Welch.  Our earliest 
knowledge of him has him settling in Faulkner CO, AR in 1870 at the age of 
15.  It is not known when his younger brother, George, came to AR.

There is considerable evidence that a sister, Martha Jane Welch, married 
Sherman Rutherford and lived in Carruthersville MO area at the turn of the 20th 
Century.  The same evidence points to two other sisters, Mary Welch Grissom 
and Margaret Welch Jones.  Mary Welch Grissom is found in the 1900 Gibson 
County , TN census.  Martha Welch Rutherford is found in the 1920 Dyer County, TN
census.  It is also believed that this family was decimated by the Civil War 
with the younger girls going to live with their much older sister, Mary, and the 
boys with friends or relatives went to Arkansas.  

The place of birth given to census takers by John and George is a bit
inconsistent.  George always stated he was born in AL, but John alternately 
gave is place of birth as being AL or TN.  From this data, we must assume 
that the family meandered between TN and AL during the early years of these

Legend also states that John initially resided with a Sanders family on
arriving in AR as a boy.  While there is a long association between the Welch
and Sanders families migrating westward from NC in the 18th Century, this 
may have been misleading.  The spouse of the Sanders in question was actually
a Gist, and there is evidence in the AL census of other Welch children living
with Gist families there ca. 1850, and the actual interfamily relationship
may have been Welch/Gist vs Welch/Sanders.

In 1964, my father was named as a beneficiary in a will executed by Miss Sara
Virginia McManus. (None of my father's children lived in the household at the
time and he never deemed it important to tell us).  In this will, Miss McManus
named my Grandfather John Harvey Welch and his brother, George as her uncles.  
My mother accompanied my father to the reading of the will and she later said 
my father did not dispute the fact that he was Miss McManus' cousin, but remarked 
at the time that they were not as closely related as she claimed.  (Note, Jan 2007:  
Miss McManus' grandfather, James Welch, was a brother to the father of George and 
John Harvey Welch, one generation farther back than she remembered).

Miss McManus' mother was Mary Welch, father's name unknown, and her mother was named
Sue.   Assuming Miss McManus' statement to be correct, Mary Welch McManus'
father would have been a brother to John and George.  (Note Jan 2007: Mary Welch 
Mcmanus' father, James Welch, was an uncle to John and George.  Mary was a first cousin 
to them.).  This third brother's children (with the exception of Mary) were settled in 
Lonoke County as early as 1890 and perhaps earlier.  Based on ancedotal records, the 
third brother would have been considerably older than John and George and appears to 
have suffered severe wounds in the Civil War, that lead to his early
demise.  His children, John, Charles, Mary and Sue, were all born before 1880.

Although they lived within a few miles of each other, by 1940, there was no 
social interaction between the families of the elder brother and the families
of John/George.  In a 1999 interview with then 94 year old Lewis Welch, grandson of 
this unknown third brother. it was acknowledged that the familes of all 3 
brothers were aware of each other and did have interaction.  The eldest son
of the third brother was named John, after his uncle.  A grandson of George
Welch was named Roy, after a grandson of the third brother.  Lewis, without
prompting, named two of John Harvey's sons and one of George's sons as 
regular visitors to his home ca. 1910-1915.

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