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About the Spartanburg Bryants
About the Welch Families at this site.
About the McBee Family
T.R. Bryant Funeral, 1902
Gobe Welch, 1910
Quentin Bryant Family
William L. Bryant, wife Mary Etta Bryant, family, around 1910.
Marriage License, J.H. 'Bud' Welch and Virgina M. Bryant
John Harvey 'Bud' Welch Family, about 1898
John Harvey Welch family, about 1901
Georga and Martha Welch, abt. 1922
John Walter Welch, Sr. w/Medicine Wagon
Howard S. Deal, Jr.
Howard Deal & Ruth Welch
John Walter Welch, Sr.
Mary Deal
Nancy, Ruth & Margaret Welch, abt 1918
Warren Welch, abt 1913
Tallulah Amanda Brown McBride, dau. of Nancy C. Bryant Brown, abt 1883
Union CO, MS Bryants, abt. 1905
Bill and Ola Welch, about 1910
Ruhamah Bryant Setzler, b. 1841
Gobe and Virgil Welch, about 1913
Quentin Bryant, Grady Bryant and others
Bud Welch Family about 1919
Gobe Welch, U.S. Army, France, 1918
Esther Starr and Cora Bryant, abt. 1917
Walter Welch, Jr. abt. 1944
Walter Welch, Sr. abt. 1920
Vinus Key, son of Cora Bryant Key
Grady Bryant
Lloyd Welch, son of Virgil Welch, abt 1925
Othal Welch, abt. 1923
Charlie Welch Family, abt. 1935
Lewis Welch at his home in Ft. Myers, Mar 1999
James M. Bryant Family, abt. 1896
James D. Starr Family, abt. 1913
James D. Starr Family, abt. 1900
Andrew Jackson Starr, wife Amanda Jane Smith Starr, abt 1888
Terrell A. Bryant Family, about 1920
Belton Setzler, about 1900
Reuben Lively Family, abt 1894
Alfred Bryant. bef 1865
Willis Monroe Gossett Marker
Watty Trail and Maggie Pearl Quinn
Louvicay Bryant Grave Marker, Ellis Co, TX

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